Another happy local customer – TBMulti-Trade Builders

A couple of weeks ago I had a frantic call from a friend, his friend’s website wasn’t working. (Due to Covid the team that looked after the website were on a skeleton crew and didn’t have the resources to fix the issue – eek).

The problem
Tony’s website was down which meant he wasn’t getting any leads through his website. But more importantly, he had a large number of leads referred from Checkatrade which were landing on a dead site 🙁

As his site was created 15 years ago (and hadn’t been updated since), it turned out the site was poorly optimised for SEO which meant that he was not appearing in Google and Bing either – even for his business name. So I set to work 🙂

The solution

Taking the pressure off him so he could crack on with doing what he’s great at, I created a nice new fresh site, focusing on his key messages of:


Plus all of the amazing reviews that he had built up on Checkatrade.

The results
The site has only been live for a week but already Tony is appearing for his business name in Google and Bing, plus he is starting to rank for business based terms. Now Checkatrade isn’t his only source of visitors – and when customers land on his site, they’ll know why to give him a call 🙂

Next steps
It doesn’t end there, I have set up Google analytics so that I can review the sites performance and identify areas for growth over time.

What has been lovely about working with Tony is that he knows what he wants but he also trusts me to get him results, giving me freedom to do the behind the scenes work which gives him the opportunity to grow his business.

Why not visit Tony’s site and take a look at TB Multi Trade Builders (

If you’d like someone to take the hassle out of getting your site seen by Google so you can get more visitors whilst you focus on the things you’re great at, contact me on 07737156710 or contact me via the contact form.

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