Getting Greener

Net Zero by 2023

I am passionate about environmental issues and put that passion into action; from picking up litter in my local town and a bit of guerrilla gardening, to setting up industry leading environmental initiatives in previous businesses, while being an active member of the environmental committee.

As such, it is important to me that within my home and workplace I do as much as I can to limit the impact that I have on the environment. Because of this Green Opal has become one of the first signatories to the UN-recognized “SME Climate Commitment”, which forms part of the SME Climate Hub. Making the commitment means that Green Opal will start to take immediate climate action in order to:

  1. Halve greenhouse gas emissions before 2030
  2. Achieve net zero emissions before 2050
  3. Disclose progress on a yearly basis

As a small business I can be agile and make changes quickly, as such I will be at net zero by the end of the year.

The SME Climate Hub provides any business with less than 500 employees with the opportunity to publicly demonstrate its commitment to climate action by signing the SME Climate Commitment. To find out more about it visit the SME Climate hub

We can’t rely on governments and big businesses to make all of the necessary changes to hit climate reduction targets. We all need to take action.

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