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Meet Polley – Profession Equestrian – Novice Digital Marketer

I’d like to tell you a story about my client Polley…

PAGS Equestrian

Polley has been running her own Equestrian Services business, PAGS Equestrian, for 5 years now. She came to me because she’d set up her own website, but wasn’t getting any traffic and in all honesty was embarrassed by it.

The trouble was, Polley was super busy and although she is an expert at her job, she had no technical experience and didn’t feel confident about design either, to top it off Polley’s budget was limited.

Now I love a challenge. I am also obsessed with four legged creatures of all kinds, so this was pretty perfect for me.

With budget in mind, I worked with her to find a way to get her website working for her in three simple steps. Here’s what we did:

Simplify her web design 

Polley loves bright colours and patterns and although that is fine when it comes to going to the pub or mucking out the yard, it doesn’t always work in web design.
To meet her budget, I simplified the existing design – we didn’t need to create a new website, simply make it look more professional.

Lay a digital foundation  

There are a lot of quick wins when it comes to setting up a site to make sure that your foundations are correct to enable you to start ranking for natural search results. I was able to get these sorted for her and show her what to do so that she could take control of the (virtual!) reins once I wasn’t in the room. Win-win.

Start producing lovely content

Polley is an amazing writer, surprisingly she hadn’t taken the plunge when it came to writing blog posts. I worked with Polley to create some on topic content for her blog that she then weaved into her social media activity.

The new fresh content helped to engage her social media channels and her social media channels started to drive traffic to her website. All while positioning herself as the expert in her field that she is (pun intended here).

Now, not only do the blog visitors read her content, but they also look through the rest of her site, where Polley is about to talk to them about all of the services that she offers.

She’s in the perfect position to drive even more traffic to her website on her own, knowing that I am here to support her if she needs any help, but feeling confident armed with the knowledge she needs to do it herself.

Since, working together, Polley has seen a significant growth in visits to her website, increased engagement with her social media channels and ranked for her target keywords.

“Gemma has been super helpful for my business and my online presence. She is consistent, motivating and brilliant at keeping me on top of things. She has inspired me to believe in myself and my writing and to be more forward with my business mindset.

My website looks warm and professional even though we only made little adjustments to my original page due to my budget, which Gemma was very understanding about, they have made a massive difference.

Thanks Gemma for all your help, I truly appreciate it and can’t wait to continue to work together in the future.”

Polley – PAGS Equestrian

Good stuff, right?

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