Migrating from Universal Google Analytics to Google Analytics 4

Have you seen this message lately?

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The Google team will be decommissioning Universal Analytics (Standard Google Analytics) as of 1st July 2023and moving to their next generation measurement solution – Google Analytics 4. The team will no longer be recording new data, although they will be retaining existing data for six months after decommissioning. This is the original Google Analytics set up, which most people who have Google Analytics on their site will probably be using. Google’s guide states that if your property was created after October 14th 2020 you are likely to be using Google Analytics 4.

How do you know what Google Analytics property type you are currently using?

So first of all you need to identify if you are using; Universal Analytics or Google Analytics 4 to see if this change is going to impact your reporting.

You can easily identify if your site is using Universal Analytics or Google Analytics 4?

● Click the “All Accounts” area in the top left of the screen

● You can see “Google Accounts” and “Properties and Apps”.

With “Properties & Apps” you can see your Google Analytics properties. If the property number is prefixed with UA – it is Universal Analytics. If there is no prefix, it is a Google Analytics 4 property.

If you are using a Google Analytics 4 property then all is good, you don’t have anything to worry about.

If you are still using Universal Analytics, read on to find out why it is important to update sooner rather than later.

Why Update to Google Analytics 4 Now.

As of the 1st July 2023 Universal Analytics will no longer be collecting new data, and six months later none of the data inside will be accessible.

By upgrading Google Analytics 4 now, you have enough time to collect a year’s worth of data within GA4 before Universal Analytics becomes obsolete.

Year on Year data is invaluable in helping you to benchmark your website’s performance, taking into consideration seasonal impacts.

I have all the data in Universal Analytics, so I don’t have to move over yet?

Even though you have the data in Universal Analytics now you won’t be able to access it. There is the possible option to export the content from Universal Analytics onto a spreadsheet but this leaves you open to errors between the data.

Not all data maps directly from Universal Analytics to GA4. For example there is no such thing as bounce rate in GA4, as they use engagement metrics.

Can you use Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics at the same time?

You can have both properties live on your site at once. Both properties can collect data at the same time.

You don’t have to and shouldn’t start using Google Analytics 4 straight away as there just won’t be all the data that you need inside it.

Having an overlap between the systems allows you to get to grips with GA4 and understand the difference in reporting.

If you would like help setting up Google Analytics 4 on your website find out about the Digital Insight Starter Package. Or get in touch on 07737156710

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