Is your website making it easy for plant-lovers to buy from you?

This weekend, I was looking at plants for my garden, with a very specific vision about how I would like my garden to look. What I found in my search for plants, is the customer experience on most garden centre websites did not make me feel like I wanted to buy.

In some instances, I had to leave the site straight away feeling disappointed.

I know exactly why…these are family run businesses, busy managing the day-to-day. Websites may be run internally by team members who are self-taught and updating the website isn’t their only role. It was the same when I was in-house, not always know the best thing to do.

But because best practise wasn’t being followed, they were missing quick wins that could be implemented easily to generate additional income and happier customers. Which seems a shame.

You see, I love my four-legged friends, the environment, upcycling, going plastic free and gardening, which is why I called myself Green Opal, a nod to my green credentials.

Setting up my own business has given me the opportunity to work with other brands that share similar values and passions to mine. (I am very lucky to have worked with an equine business, health and wellbeing spa and florist, delivering for ways that they can improve their website and marketing in order for them to generate more sales.)

With this in mind, I am looking for a garden centre or nursery that would like me to help them to improve their web presence to enable their website to be as strong as their store.

I am offering a free consultation to identify 3 things that you can implement straight away to improve your website to help you succeed in growing your online business.

If you know someone or would like a chat about your website then get in touch via at

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