Gemma Russo

After working 20 years in e-commerce within: retail, B2B and the third sector, it is time to go on my own.

I have experience in customer acquisition, retention and conversion rate optimisation. Now that is the most jargon I am going to use! There are too many businesses throwing it around, which for most people don’t mean a thing.

My passion is simplifying digital marketing, helping businesses to grow and passing that information onto the business so they can drive their own success, simply and easily.

It’s been such a pleasure working with Gemma over the last 4 years… I entered the working world of eCommerce with minimal knowledge of the industry. Gemma always helped develop my skillset through sharing her knowledge and passion for everything digital! I will forever be grateful for everything I have learnt. Thanks Gemma 😊

Jason Davis – Content Manager Marler Haley