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how to reduce the impact if your carbon emissions for your website

How Much Carbon Does Your Website Create

Did you know that up to 4% of total global greenhouse gas emissions are created by our ever increasing digital demands; websites, apps and social media it all adds up. That is in the same region as air travel.

On face value a website seems pretty simple to create and use. It is the behind the scenes infrastructure that causes the damage. A website produces 4.61* grams of CO2 for every page view.

How to calculate how much carbon your website creates.

It is relatively simple to calculate how much carbon your website is creating. The information that you need is readily available in your website analytics.

(Page views per month x 4.61) x 12 = carbon impact

If you have 10,000 page views a month your carbon impact would be 553 Kilos per year.

Businesses should be aware of the impact of their website, there are things that can be done to improve your website’s carbon impact.

Reduce image sizes

Reduce the frequency, actual size of your images and don’t forget to compress your image for even more savings.

Clean up your websites code

When creating your website there is often obsolete code and space in the code, this can be cleaned up by your dev team. Alternatively if you are on WordPress there are a number of plugins that can be used.

Hosting provider

Check your hosting provider, how efficient are they at hosting, are they using green energy.

Improve customer journey

By improving your customer journey you are improving how quickly someone will find what they are looking for more quickly. Spending less time on your website but more efficiently.

This will also improve your conversion rate which means more enquires and sales for your website.

Off set

Always a last resort, why not offset your website’s carbon emissions.

By reducing your websites carbon consumption, you are making your site more efficient which will result in pages being downloaded more quickly. Not only is this a win for the environment but also for your SEO activity as search engines love sites that load quickly.

Why not see the impact that your website is creating using Wholegrain Digitals website carbon calculator – – It is simple to use, you will receive a score, advice, and the ability to offset.

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Inspiration from Ionos blog