How to check the status of your website pages.

One of the simplest SEO fixes is a check to see that your pages are all working and are
available to search engines to crawl and users to view.

Page status’ are referred to as codes; 200; 301; 302; 404.

Page Status Meanings

  • 200 – The page has been found
  • 301 – The page has been redirected
  • 302 – The page has been temporarily redirected
  • 404 – Page not found

If you see a 200 or a 301 then the pages are all fine and will be found by search engines and by visitors.

If your page status is 404 then there is a problem and the page is missing.

If your page status is 302 the page has been temporarily redirected and you need to assess if this is the correct redirect.

Crawl your website

There are a number of website crawling tools out there. I have used Screaming Frog for years and am happy with how it works. The tool will crawl 500 pages as part of their free package.

How to crawl your website

As I use Screaming Frog I will show you how to crawl your website using Screaming Frog.

Download the app to your website.

Once the app opens you will be presented with a home screen, in the URL bar add your website address and hit crawl.


Once the crawl has been completed the “Export” button will be clickable, download as an excel file


The data downloaded can appear as overwhelming at first glance but don’t panic.

Focus on “Status code” which can be found column c.

How to fix a 404 page status

Once you have identified your 404 pages we need to decide how to fix it. There are usually 2 reasons for a 404 status –

● A page has been removed and a redirect hasn’t been put in place
● There is an error with the page

Once you have decided what the issue is then you can fix the problem. Oh no – I had 2 404 error pages 🙂

How to fix a 302 page status

A 302 is a temporary redirect, which is a redirect from 1 page to another. Best practice is to use a permanent redirect a 301, unless it is only a temporary change.

If you would like to understand how you can improve your SEO then get in touch.

NB. Screaming Frog hasn’t sponsored this post, I have referenced them as it is the tool I use.

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