How to check the health of your pages titles.

A simple SEO fix is to check the health of your page titles.

Page titles are not seen by a user on your website. Instead search engines use them to show users in the search engine results page. The strength of your page title will determine if a user will click through to your site.


They also help search engines to understand what is on your page.

Getting your page titles right will increase the number of times your website shows up in search engines as well as increasing the likelihood of someone clicking through to your site.

How to check your page titles

Option 1 – Viewing page title in page source

If you only have a couple of titles to check you can check your pages source – it isn’t complicated.

Simply go the page you would like to review, right click and select “View page source” the easiest way to find the page title is to use the find control – ctrl plus the character f – <title>.

You can see my source code.


Option 2 – Crawl your website to see all of your page titles

There are a number of website crawling tools out there. I have used Screaming Frog for years and am happy with how it works. The tool will crawl 500 pages as part of their free package.

As I use Screaming Frog I will show you how to crawl your website using Screaming Frog.

Download the app to your website.

Once the app opens you will be presented with a home screen, in the URL bar add your website address and hit crawl.


Once the crawl has been completed the “Export” button will be clickable, download as an excel file


The data downloaded can appear as overwhelming at first glance but don’t panic.

Focus on “Title 1” which can be found column G.

Title 1Title 1 LengthTitle 1 Pixel Width
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Once you have identified your page titles we need to review them and see where you can improve them.

How to improve your page titles

There are a number of things that you can do to improve your page titles.

  • Populate missing page titles
  • Make sure all of your page titles are below xx characters
  • Ensure all of your page titles are unique
  • Looking at your page titles, do they make sense and explain what will be on the page without having to visit the page

The benefits of improving your page titles

By improving your page titles search engines will have a better understanding of what is on website. This will enable them to rank you for the correct search terms which in turn will improve your click through rate, bounce rate and conversion rate.

Improved customer interaction will in turn benefit your rankings as search engines will see you as relevant and show you more often.

If you would like to discuss anything in this article then do get in touch.

NB. Screaming Frog hasn’t sponsored this post, I have referenced them as it is the tool I use.

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