Website Reporting – Why Should SME’s Report Weekly Website Stats.

If you have ever met me you will know that I am a numbers geek, with a creative vent which is a strange mix.

From starting in retail where numbers are ran religiously I am always surprised when I work with a business that do not run weekly website stats, although they would never think of not running their financials figures weekly.

What is the Value of Running Weekly Website Stats for SME’s?

Red Flag
Website stats are your first red flag that something isn’t going quiet right in your business, yes the issue will flow down to your financial figures but you can pick it up a lot quick if you use them in tandem.

Building on Success
As with the red flag of warning, your stats can also provide you with information regarding what is working really well and then help you to push that section even harder or allocate business resources accordingly

Why don’t SME’s Run Web Stat Reports as Often as They Should?

I would hazard a guess that this is a bigger problem in businesses where web business have grown out of bricks and mortar businesses or traditional sales team structure businesses and just don’t prioritise it. The website has always been something that happens in the background but really not that important compared to the other channels.

Overwhelmed with Data!

Sometimes when you look at your Google Analytics data or your platforms reporting software you can be overwhelmed with data and just do not know where to start. That is even if you have set it up properly in the first place.

Keep it Simple!

As with most things in life, you need to keep it simple and quick to run, you do not need to run full analysis about the top performing pages and bounce rates on a weekly basis. I would keep it to these 4-6 simple categories

• Total Sessions
• Sessions by marketing channel
• Total Number of Conversions (submit a form, place an order, make a phone call)
• Conversion rate

If your site is only seeing low levels of traffic you could stick to the above, you may not even need to run it by marketing channel if you don’t use many channels.
For larger websites I would recommend adding the conversions and conversion rate for each channel.

If you have an established site that has been running for years than year on year growth figures are a must, if it has only been running for a short while then week on week figures will do.

When to Run In-depth Reports

When your top line figures start to flag issues or successes this is when you need to dig into more detailed reports.

Just as a little reminder here are the formulas for conversion rate and year on year growth.

Conversion rate = (conversions / sessions)100

Growth = ((this periods number – last periods number)/last periods number)100

Go on, give it a try, you might even like it!

To help you on your way I have created a spreadsheet structure to get you going, if you would like a copy of the template please get in touch and I will send you over the most relevant one for your business.

If you have any questions or would like some help setting up your reports, get in touch!

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