Can you ever over optimise your website for SEO?

The answer is yes! Your natural search rankings can be damaged by over optimising your website. That is exactly what Caroline at Anglesey Holiday Accommodation was doing. With my help she was able to increase her impressions by 100%.

Caroline runs a holiday accommodation business in Anglesey North Wales with her husband Kev. They have worked hard to create a thriving business.

Caroline did all the right things, as she attended courses to understand how to optimise her website, and she regularly updated content.

The trouble was she did a little bit too much optimisation, which in turn disadvantaged her rankings, inhibited her traffic from search engines and
ultimately held back her bookings driven by search engine traffic.

What went wrong?

Before making recommendations, we must clearly understand how the website is performing. As a result, I reviewed her website to identify :-

  • Technical gaps within the structure of the site
  • Keywords the site was currently ranking for
  • Which pages had been optimised for which keywords
  • Potential keywords

The overall technical performance of Anglesey Holiday Accommodation was good, with the knowledge Caroline had picked up from her courses.

With this information I noticed a number of significant errors :-

  • Page speed
  • Over optimised URL
  • Several pages optimised for the same keyword
  • The plan of action

The plan was to go through the site in a piecemeal manner, optimising the content of each page one at a time. This was to allow the work to be completed without having to take up too much of Caroline’s focus all at one time.

While I optimised the copy for SEO, I also took into consideration the customer journey, common questions that customers asked and ensured that these questions were answered in the text.


Anglesey Holiday Accommodation now ranks for more relevant keywords that are more likely to convert.

Although Anglesey holiday accommodation has less keywords in the top ten, down by 1% they are ranking for more relevant keywords which has increased their impressions (the number of times the listing is shown) by 100% and the average position has also improved by 15%

Gemma is a great person to deal with. She has listened and understands my business and has been able to identify where I need help with SEO…I have come to realise that I need to rely on professionals in their field to enable me to concentrate more on my business.

Caroline – Owner – Anglesey Holiday Accommodation

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