Reviewing Your Email Performance – Where to Start?

How I Improved A Client’s Email Performance

The old adage is true that keeping an existing client is cheaper than acquiring a new customer, which is why looking after your email subscribers and making sure that your newsletter performs as well as possible is good for your business.

Professional Choice, a wholesale hair and beauty supplier, has been sending newsletters to their email subscribers for several years, in-house. It was identified that their emails were not performing as well as they could.

Their delivery rate and unsubscribe rates were well below email benchmarks, and overall, the email was performing badly.

The team felt that they needed a little bit of assistance to improve their performance as their understanding of email marketing was very limited. The team recruited me to advise them.

The Approach

Before starting a campaign, an email audit is carried out, using the tools available to review the performance of the email against industry benchmarks.

The key stats that are reviewed are

Delivery Rate

The number of emails that were delivered into the subscribers email

Open Rate (OR)
Of those emails that were delivered how many were opened

Click Through Rate (CTR)
The number of subscribers that clicked any link within the email

Conversion Rate (CR)
Of those subscribers that clicked how many completed a transaction such as an online order, submitting an enquiry, or downloading a brochure. A conversion rate varies from one business to another.

Unsubscribe Rate
Of those subscribers that received the email, how many unsubscribed.

After looking at the key metrics I could see that the emails were not getting into subscribers’ inboxes and when they did a higher than average number of subscribers unsubscribed

Delivery Rates

There are usually 2 reasons that emails do not land : inaccurate email lists and the spam score of the email sent.

When looking at delivery rates, the reasons why emails were not landing in contacts in boxes were considered.

Using the tools available in the existing email service provider – Email Blaster* the list was cleaned up quickly, removing any dead data.

Once an email had been created it was put through the spam checker, a tool also available in Email Blaster,which highlights why the email may be considered as spam. With this information the email was tweaked until it was scoring highly and ready to send.

Unsubscribe Rates

The teams unsubscribe rates were well over unsubscribe benchmark levels. While cleaning the data in order to improve the delivery rates it was identified that the team had been historically sending to the list twice,resulting in the poor unsubscribe rates.

The Results

The delivery rates have improved by 10% and the unsubscribe rate has halved.

The emails are now getting to more subscribers than before, which means that there is the opportunity for more subscribers to open the email and go through to convert to an order.

Not only were the rates improved but the sending costs were also reduced.

“Gemma has been using our email marketing software for quite a while to create, design and send email campaigns on behalf of her clients.

During her time using our email marketing software, we have observed an increase in all key stats, from reads, though to clicks throughs. Gemma’s email marketing template designs always look great and have a clear call to action. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services to any company looking to boost the success of their email marketing

Jamie Peters – Marketing Director – Email Blaster

If you would like to understand how your email is performing and how you can improve that performance please get in touch with me on 07737156710 or contact me via the contact form.

Many email providers will provide a review of your email free of charge. They will assess the email that you are sending and how you may improve the performance. It is then over to you to fix the emails.

Email blaster have not paid to feature in this blog, I believe in giving a shout out to those companies that I work with that are doing great stuff.

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