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Can you ever over optimise your website for SEO?

The answer is yes! Your natural search rankings can be damaged by over optimising your website. That is exactly what Caroline at Anglesey Holiday Accommodation was doing. With my help she was able to increase her impressions by 100%.

Caroline runs a holiday accommodation business in Anglesey North Wales with her husband Kev. They have worked hard to create a thriving business.

Caroline did all the right things, as she attended courses to understand how to optimise her website, and she regularly updated content.

The trouble was she did a little bit too much optimisation, which in turn disadvantaged her rankings, inhibited her traffic from search engines and
ultimately held back her bookings driven by search engine traffic.

What went wrong?

Before making recommendations, we must clearly understand how the website is performing. As a result, I reviewed her website to identify :-

  • Technical gaps within the structure of the site
  • Keywords the site was currently ranking for
  • Which pages had been optimised for which keywords
  • Potential keywords

The overall technical performance of Anglesey Holiday Accommodation was good, with the knowledge Caroline had picked up from her courses.

With this information I noticed a number of significant errors :-

  • Page speed
  • Over optimised URL
  • Several pages optimised for the same keyword
  • The plan of action

The plan was to go through the site in a piecemeal manner, optimising the content of each page one at a time. This was to allow the work to be completed without having to take up too much of Caroline’s focus all at one time.

While I optimised the copy for SEO, I also took into consideration the customer journey, common questions that customers asked and ensured that these questions were answered in the text.


Anglesey Holiday Accommodation now ranks for more relevant keywords that are more likely to convert.

Although Anglesey holiday accommodation has less keywords in the top ten, down by 1% they are ranking for more relevant keywords which has increased their impressions (the number of times the listing is shown) by 100% and the average position has also improved by 15%

Gemma is a great person to deal with. She has listened and understands my business and has been able to identify where I need help with SEO…I have come to realise that I need to rely on professionals in their field to enable me to concentrate more on my business.

Caroline – Owner – Anglesey Holiday Accommodation

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How we helped a boutique detox retreat increase incremental SEO traffic by 680%


Homefield Grange, a luxury boutique detox retreat in Rushton Northamptonshire offers their clients a range of detox programs to help them to reboot their body and mind.

I support them with a range of projects, from campaigns to new system implementations, to help them with business growth using digital marketing.

One of my most recent projects was working with the managing director to promote a weekend detox package using digital.


With a brief such as this I always start with the current performance of the page.

First, I benchmark the page’s performance of the site against the entire site, specifically looking at how people are getting to the page and what they are doing when they get there.

This way I can help you identify where your largest opportunity is, where to focus your time and money for the best results. In this instance, the page wasn’t driving any traffic naturally from search engines – a fairly simple thing to fix when you know how.

Looking into the three foundations of search engine optimisation (SEO); technical structure, content and links, I was able to quickly see it was the content of the page that was letting the page down.

So my first improvement was to change the content of the page to focus on what customers were searching for. (You can find out more about how to do this in this article If you would like more information regarding this see our article about “How to write content for customers and not search engines” if you would like.)

The next step was to increase visibility of the page – so I created a campaign using their existing digital marketing tools including:

  • On-site advertising
  • Social media
  • Email
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • SEO


After six weeks the page was ranking for 80% more search terms; this led to a 900% increase in visitors finding the page through relevant terms.

As a comparison, the rest of the site grew by 220% – which reflected post lockdown interest.

That means incremental growth to the weekend detox package page was 680%.

“Being a small business owner means that I have to wear lots of hats most of the time. After operating for nearly 17 years, I realise that there are some areas of the business that are worth outsourcing to professionals.

Marketing has been one of those areas. It is not my strength, neither do I have any in-depth knowledge of how to use it effectively for my business. Then Gemma came along. What I have loved about working with Gemma is that she has not only improved our company’s sales and conversions very quickly, she also really takes the time to help me understand the why and how of what she does.

Gemma is approachable, knowledgeable and fun to work with. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to see a difference in their sales figures and wants to see their company grow.”

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Another happy local customer – TBMulti-Trade Builders

A couple of weeks ago I had a frantic call from a friend, his friend’s website wasn’t working. (Due to Covid the team that looked after the website were on a skeleton crew and didn’t have the resources to fix the issue – eek).

The problem
Tony’s website was down which meant he wasn’t getting any leads through his website. But more importantly, he had a large number of leads referred from Checkatrade which were landing on a dead site 🙁

As his site was created 15 years ago (and hadn’t been updated since), it turned out the site was poorly optimised for SEO which meant that he was not appearing in Google and Bing either – even for his business name. So I set to work 🙂

The solution

Taking the pressure off him so he could crack on with doing what he’s great at, I created a nice new fresh site, focusing on his key messages of:


Plus all of the amazing reviews that he had built up on Checkatrade.

The results
The site has only been live for a week but already Tony is appearing for his business name in Google and Bing, plus he is starting to rank for business based terms. Now Checkatrade isn’t his only source of visitors – and when customers land on his site, they’ll know why to give him a call 🙂

Next steps
It doesn’t end there, I have set up Google analytics so that I can review the sites performance and identify areas for growth over time.

What has been lovely about working with Tony is that he knows what he wants but he also trusts me to get him results, giving me freedom to do the behind the scenes work which gives him the opportunity to grow his business.

Why not visit Tony’s site and take a look at TB Multi Trade Builders (

If you’d like someone to take the hassle out of getting your site seen by Google so you can get more visitors whilst you focus on the things you’re great at, contact me on 07737156710 or contact me via the contact form.

PAGS Equestrian

Meet Polley – Profession Equestrian – Novice Digital Marketer

I’d like to tell you a story about my client Polley…

PAGS Equestrian

Polley has been running her own Equestrian Services business, PAGS Equestrian, for 5 years now. She came to me because she’d set up her own website, but wasn’t getting any traffic and in all honesty was embarrassed by it.

The trouble was, Polley was super busy and although she is an expert at her job, she had no technical experience and didn’t feel confident about design either, to top it off Polley’s budget was limited.

Now I love a challenge. I am also obsessed with four legged creatures of all kinds, so this was pretty perfect for me.

With budget in mind, I worked with her to find a way to get her website working for her in three simple steps. Here’s what we did:

Simplify her web design 

Polley loves bright colours and patterns and although that is fine when it comes to going to the pub or mucking out the yard, it doesn’t always work in web design.
To meet her budget, I simplified the existing design – we didn’t need to create a new website, simply make it look more professional.

Lay a digital foundation  

There are a lot of quick wins when it comes to setting up a site to make sure that your foundations are correct to enable you to start ranking for natural search results. I was able to get these sorted for her and show her what to do so that she could take control of the (virtual!) reins once I wasn’t in the room. Win-win.

Start producing lovely content

Polley is an amazing writer, surprisingly she hadn’t taken the plunge when it came to writing blog posts. I worked with Polley to create some on topic content for her blog that she then weaved into her social media activity.

The new fresh content helped to engage her social media channels and her social media channels started to drive traffic to her website. All while positioning herself as the expert in her field that she is (pun intended here).

Now, not only do the blog visitors read her content, but they also look through the rest of her site, where Polley is about to talk to them about all of the services that she offers.

She’s in the perfect position to drive even more traffic to her website on her own, knowing that I am here to support her if she needs any help, but feeling confident armed with the knowledge she needs to do it herself.

Since, working together, Polley has seen a significant growth in visits to her website, increased engagement with her social media channels and ranked for her target keywords.

“Gemma has been super helpful for my business and my online presence. She is consistent, motivating and brilliant at keeping me on top of things. She has inspired me to believe in myself and my writing and to be more forward with my business mindset.

My website looks warm and professional even though we only made little adjustments to my original page due to my budget, which Gemma was very understanding about, they have made a massive difference.

Thanks Gemma for all your help, I truly appreciate it and can’t wait to continue to work together in the future.”

Polley – PAGS Equestrian

Good stuff, right?

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