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Is Your Website Preventing People From Making a Purchase?

This article is going to look at why User Experience (UX) is important, how you can improve your business websites UX and drive more sales.

WOW – that was easy…
I thought when I moved my mortgage this morning!
Hats off to Halifax, as it was much easier to complete online than doing it over the phone. It brought up all my details, allowed me to see my previous payments and new payments on screen. For me it was a brilliant example of UX (user experience), and I even dropped them a note to say so – it’s nice to be nice.

I assume the Halifax will have big budgets to make sure they get their UX right, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t provide the best UX possible.

Why is User Experience Important?

A poor user experience will turn a website visitor right off, and in many cases the visitor will simply leave your site impacting your sales. If your UX is poor it leaves the visitor feeling frustrated with you and your brand which can hamper repeat visitors.

How to Prevent Poor User Experience?

Here are a couple of pointers to consider when thinking about your UX and how easy your website is to use.

  1. What does your visitor want?
    Think about what your visitors are trying to do when they get to your site. Are they trying to contact you, place an order online or visit a location.
    You need to think about the easiest way to facilitate this. My sister in-law hates it when she tries to find the address of a restaurant but simply can’t find it. The address needs to be as prominent as possible and easy to find. The footer is a good place to start.
  2. Speed is of the essence
    We have all become very demanding, and want instant results. If your site doesn’t load quickly then the user is going to be off, and this is even more important for users when they are on a mobile phone. There are plenty of free tools on the market you can use to find out the page speed of your site.
  3. Consistency
    Consistency is key, within your site and compared with other websites. What I mean by this is don’t reinvent the wheel. If you are adding a filter, does it behave in the same way as other sites’ filters?. Where do customers expect to see the add to basket button? What colour should it be?
    Take a look at other websites, especially the big websites; ebay, Amazon and Argos. These guys spend a lot of money on the UX so they should be getting it right.
  4. Easily Digestible
    You need to make it as easy as possible for a visitor to digest your sites information. We all digest information in a similar manner with slight variations. One of the key behaviours to think about is that a majority of online users are scanners, and as a result you need to make it as easy as possible for them to digest the information. Use bullet points and clear headings.

    Take a look at your website with this in mind. Is there anything that screams to you that you are not making your visitors’ life as easy as possible?

    If you need a bit of help and you would like to chat about how I can help you then get in touch.

You Don’t Know, What You Don’t Know

I love this statement because it is so true. As a consultant I work with people that are specialists in their fields, they know their businesses inside and out!

They are not specialists in digital marketing and running websites, because of this – they don’t know, what they don’t know and often make simple mistakes that can be damaging to their online presence.

I have pulled together 6 tricks that people often miss.

Email – The Ratio of Images to Text Makes a World of Difference

A top reason that peoples emails are not delivered into a recipients inbox is that the email is considered to be spam. 1 particular area that I am conscious of when creating emails is that the you get the right ratio of images to text – images look beautiful but they can cause issues delivering your emails. You are advised to have 80% text to 20% images*, I generally work towards 60% text.

Search Engine Optimisation – Customer Focused

A dark art to many people, search engine optimisation is actually one of the simplest channels, when creating your website or content put your feet in your clients shoes, what will customers look for when trying to find your business, don’t use industry jargon, why not ask some of your customers what they would search for if trying to find your business.

Find out more about how to write with search engines and customers in mind. Beginners guide to optimising your website content to grow your SEO traffic! – Green Opal | Digital Consultancy

Pay Per Click (PPC) – Marketing is Not as Expensive as You May Think

PPC is one of the most under utilised channels for a small business, people are often scared of the channel, do not know where to start and expect it is going to be very expensive.

The fact is you do not need large budgets to run a PPC campaign. Set your budget to fit in with what you can afford. Your starting budget could be as little as £10 – don’t forget to keep an eye on your performance.

Social Media – Beg, Borrow and Steal

Beg, borrow and steal – well not quite. With Social Media you want to spread the word about your product or service, the best way to do this is by asking people to share your content, be blatant in your post, drop your friends and family a quick message, ask them to look out for your post, like, comment or share it. What are they there for if it isn’t to support you…

Don’t forget if you are talking about a piece of work you have done for a particular client, tag them in it, its guaranteed to get a reaction.

Website Buttons – Grey no Way

I am seeing this more and more often lately, website buttons being grey – in the online world, grey means that an action can not be taken, that something is wrong. So stay away from grey, chose a more positive colour, greens and oranges work well. Why not test it.

You can see that there are a lot of things that people are just not doing quite right, this is because they are learning, it is all new to them. They really don’t know what they don’t know and are damaging their online performance.

If you would like help to understand where you may be damaging your online presence, get in touch –

*Source Email Blaster – spam checking tool